Bridesmaids Online Slot Machine Summarized for Players

The Bridesmaids slots game by Microgaming is based on the hit movie of the same name and largely incorporates features of the film. It is fittingly decorated in pink with puppies, cupcakes and wedding cake adorning the reels. Video clips of the movie are shown at certain stages of the game and screenshots and sound clips are played throughout.

The Basics

Bridesmaids is a 5 reel slot game offering 40 pay lines and 600 coin options. The video slot offers a vast amount of winning combinations, as well as multiple bonus games, which are triggered by Bridesmaids bonus symbols. The movie clips are part of these bonus rounds.

The game is available both in land-based casinos as well as online and has also been optimised for mobile play.

Bonus Rounds

There are four major bonus rounds in the Bridesmaids slots game, titled Maid of Dishonour Free Spins, Bridal Gown Show Down, Wedding Party Progressive and Random Moments.

In the Maid of Dishonour Free Spins bonus round, five free games are awarded if all the airline attendant symbols come up together.

In the Bridal Gown Show Down bonus round, the player has to feed the bridesmaids and will earn extra spins and wilds if the bridesmaids do not get sick from the food.

In the Wedding Party Progressive bonus round, players have access to wheel pointers and multipliers, and may try for one of the six progressive jackpots.

Finally, in the Random Moments bonus round, players get the benefit of receiving extra free spins and bonuses, as well as choose from 5 DVD credit awards.

Random Moments Bonus

The Random Moments bonus round enables the player to experience even more bonus features, such as cupcake bonuses, Flying High Free Spins, or the Growing Wilds feature.

The cupcake bonus scatters symbols and activates the Wheel Bonus game, if three or more cupcakes land on a line. Here, Scatter wins are added to regular wins and players get paid out for both, while the Wheel Bonus opens up a multiplier value and a jackpot win. Players can choose one of four cupcakes which open up even more anonymous prizes.

Flying High Free Spins offers players ten additional free spins and also activates the Rolling Reels feature of the game.  In the Rolling Reels feature, winning combinations will pop up and explode, are immediately rewarded, and will then disappear as soon as they have been paid out.

The Growing Wilds feature is also activated during this stage of the game. Here, Bridesmaids symbols are stacked up from anything between four and thirteen, and when a wild symbol appears different rewards are paid out.

Additional Bonus Games

Additional casino bonus online UK games include the Boutique Game and the Magic Moments bonus game. In the Boutique Game players are presented with twelve gift boxes with a hidden Bridesmaids symbol or multiplier. A player chooses boxes until two symbols match and then the value of the multiplier will be awarded.

In the Magic Moments bonus game, the game will display ten photos. Players have to choose the right photo and then a bonus will be awarded. There is no loss if the wrong one is chosen, and they will just receive an apology message.