Easter Eggs Online Slot Game Review

Who doesn’t love a good egg hunt at Easter time? It’s a great opportunity for everyone to find their hidden chocolate treasures while having plenty of fun trying to figure out where they may all be hiding. Now imagine combining that with the exciting world of online slot games. This is exactly what Play ‘n’ Go, the online casino game developer has created with Easter Eggs, the online slot game. When playing this game, players can expect to be treated to several colourful surprises whenever they find an egg. These prizes will all contribute to the overall winnings of the players. Below, you will find more information on what you can expect from this game.

The Setting

The setting of any online slot game is incredibly important, as it is what helps to accurately convey the game’s theme to players. When it comes to Easter Eggs mobile pokies Australia, it certainly comes as no surprise that the game is set in a beautiful meadow. It seems like the ideal location for the Easter Bunny to run around and hide eggs away, in between lush blades of grass dotted with plenty of beautiful daffodils. The setting is a tranquil one that players are sure to find plenty of joy being submerged in.

What to Look Out for

As mentioned above, there is plenty to look forward to when it comes to Easter Eggs online casino game. The cute theme that accompanies this game sees no attention to detail spared. Players need to pay careful attention to the finer details of this game, as this is where the extra prizes will be hidden. Easter Bunnies and fluffy little chicks will see players being awarded up to 250 coins. Little lambs, on the other hand, will award them with 500 coins and fully grown chickens will see a sum of 750 coins being awarded. However, when it comes to this game, the most rewarding prize is that of the golden egg. Finding one of these will award players with an astonishing 3000 coins. Furthermore, these golden eggs can also double up as wild symbols. In other words, they can substitute for any other symbol missing from a winning combination.

Fantastic Software

The mark of any good online slot game is its ability to function seamlessly across several different platforms. Easter Eggs online slot game runs on some of the industry’s best software. This means that the game is responsive. In other words, it can adapt to fit the screen of any kind of device, regardless of what its size may be. Furthermore, this game also works very well on various different operating systems, making it easier to use and more accessible to a wider audience.

All in all, Easter Eggs online slot game has plenty to offer its players. With excellent bonus features, as well as an adorable setting and some of the industry’s best software, there is certainly plenty to look forward to from this online casino slot game.