Wu Long Online Slots in Detail

Wu Long is an online slots game created by Playtech. It features a colourful theme based around traditional Chinese festivities, and goes a long way to bringing this theme to life with outstanding artwork and immersive ambient sound. The game play uses a five reel, twenty five line system, and allows players to adjust play lines between spins. This means that strategic play is possible, making the game perfect for veteran slot machine players who like to find a balance between the likelihood of winning versus money spent per spin.

Wu Long also has a bonus free spins system, granting the potential for massive wins to be achieved by landing a lucky matching sequence. The game is available to play on mobile phone, computer and tablet. In order to play on a mobile device please download the game, then simply open it by tapping the game’s icon. Don’t forget to download the correct version for your operating system, as the Android version will not run on an Apple iPhone, and vice versa.

Basic Play Symbols

The Wu Long slots game has brought Chinese culture to life with its beautiful, lovingly created symbol images. The most valuable symbol in the game is a set of Chinese design archways, which may match with themselves a minimum of twice, and maximum of five times. The five time match will grant a substantial payout.

The least valuable symbols in the game are playing card suits, including ace and king. Although common in creating matches, these symbols give only a small payout per match. Some of the other symbols include drums, Chinese lanterns, fireworks, and a pair of dancing girls. In order to trigger the major payouts, however, the player should look no further then the lucky Chinese dragon, which is the key the free spins bonus mini-game.

Major Bonus Payouts

The lucky dragon in the Wu Long game will not only beautifully animate when triggered, he will also be sure to put a smile on the face of players. In order to start the free spin sequence the dragon must be matched three times in any position on the reels.

This will grant twelve free spins. During the free spins, however, a number of modifiers can be added by landing more lucky dragons. If landing a single lucky dragon during the free spins, this will add a multiplier of two to all wins. If landing two lucky dragons, a multiplier of our will be added, and two additional free spins will be added. If landing three lucky dragons, a multiplier of six well be added, and four free games will be added. If landing four lucky dragons, a multiplier of six will be added and eight free spins will be added. And, finally, if landing all five lucky dragons, a multiplier of six will be added and twelve free spins will be added at real money casino Australia. It goes without saying then that the player will be hoping to see the lucky dragon as much as possible during game play. For a more detailed explanation on the play table, please click the info button on the user interface.